Civic Club - Champion Forest Homeowner's Association
Civic Club

Mission Statement

The Mission of the CFCC is to unite the neighborhood through programs and activities.


The CFCC fufills this misson by sponsoring a variety of neighborhood activities ranging from the 4th of July Parade to National Night Out.

Facts To Know

  • The CFCC publishes an outstanding Neighborhood Directory that includes family facts, information about neighborhood
    organizations and a map of the area.
  • The CFCC owns and maintains the entrance Marquees.
  • The CFCC collects $15.00 annual dues from the residents to support the directory and events
  • CFCC Board Members are elected in October.

Board Members

Position Member Name E-Mail Address
President Winn Andrus
Vice-President Ellen Thomson
Civic Event Coordinator open
Directory Chairperson Bill Marshall
Secretary Bill Marshall
Treasurer Bill Marshall
Marquee Coordinator Maura Mulvehill

Photos of Past Events

Check out our photobucket page for online photo albums: